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December 07, 2004

Personality Type H

(note: not all homeschoolers are Type H and not all Type H people are homeschoolers)

Type H General- the one characteristic that ties all Type H people together is that they act as if they live are part of a different generation than their peers, usually just a past generation, but sometimes a past generation from a different dimension.

Type H1- These are the conformers. Now most people conform to something, but these people conforming to a past (or other) generation. The manifestation of this conformity may appear in fashion sensibilities, modes of communication, personal life philosophies and hobbies. Type H has also been linked to SNS (Spouse Need Syndrome) in some studies, though it is a difficult link to make since SNS is rampant throughout many communities and personality types.

Like all personality types, Type H people fall all over the Spectrum of Cool, but my favorite ones fall into the secondary area of coolness.

However, sometimes this personality type combines with that certain “conservative” belief that heaven will look like a 1950s American sit-com and will be run by the founding fathers. This combo can create a nasty superiority thing since they are closer on the timeline of history to those events.

Type H2- These are the rebels, rebelling against things from past generations. They rebel against social standards, fashion standards and philosophical propositions which no longer exist.

Sometimes when the frustration that results from nobody getting pissed off at their attempts to piss people off with their alternative-alternative culture, they may either heighten the stakes (“well look how bad I am now, yeah”) or simply let out a stream of awkward cursing.

Posted by Jabberwalkie at December 7, 2004 11:10 PM


Depending on your perspective, living in the past can actually be a sign of avant garde-ism. For instance, Merlin the magician lived backwards, and thus our past was actually his future. If he had decided to slick back his hair, and wear button-up shirts around the house during the twenty-first century, then he would have actually been ahead of his time. It all depends on perspective...maybe your type H-ers are all magicians?

Posted by: ? at December 10, 2004 09:33 PM

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